Last week we discussed the Nurturing voice in Healthcare Marketing. This week we are turning our attention to the Authoritative Voice. Your marketing voice is the style of writing and communication you use to promote your brand and your services. It speaks at an emotional level to your market and serves to build trust in your brand.

Authority and trust go hand in hand

The voice of authority is the voice of the strong and trusted father figure who has the ability and wisdom to provide for and protect his family from the dangers of the world. Authority shows confidence when the world is frightening. This is the voice you trust when times are difficult.

When people face serious health challenges, they want knowledgable, experienced, and confident doctors and health care professionals to guide them through the challenge and see them safely to good health and long life. By taking on this voice, your hospital can be the authority members of your community turn to at such times.

Showing your credentials

One of the keys of authority is to highlight the credentials of your staff and your hospital. Always use professional titles and try to include significant accomplishments or accolades from other authoritative sources. Showing partnership with other figures with gravitas can burnish your own image.

Phrases like “Leading the way”, “Proven commitment”, and “Trusted authority” all convey an image that strengthens this voice for your brand. Highlight how long you have been serving your community. Tout your successes and your credibility.

Use authoritative language

Authority figures are expected to speak clearly and directly. Avoid overly poetic language or long-winded explanations. Limit qualifying language only to cases where it is absolutely necessary. If you feel like you must include a lot of qualifying language, consider not making that statement.
Also, you also want to avoid the passive voice whenever possible.

In the Compassionate voice, we focus on “you” in messaging. With the authoritative voice, your institution and your experts should be the focus. Instead, talk about what you know, what you can do, and how you can provide the best care for your patients.

Stay Consistent

Hospitals exist in a dynamic between nurturing and authoritative. But whenever you are communicating with the public, choose one of the two styles and stay consistent with it. It is ok to put out both messages, but don’t mix them in one communication. Choose which will be your focus, and stay consistent with it.