Rural Hospital Marketing Strategy Spring Cleaning Checklist

For rural hospitals, every penny and every hour counts, which is why it is important to ensure that you are using the right tools in your rural healthcare marketing strategy. With many people thinking about spring cleaning, here are a few tips to help you optimize your rural healthcare marketing strategy to help you succeed this summer and engage your community.

Focus on your rural hospital’s website

It is well-known people use the internet to find information about health and healthcare services in their local communities. Your rural hospital’s website and social media presence are both key opportunities to provide quality content that informs your community about healthcare issues and the healthcare services you offer.

Have you updated your hospital’s website lately? Now is a great opportunity to look critically at your website as if you were a patient. What information would you look for? Is your provider list as complete as it could be? Are all your services easy to find? How can you improve your rural hospital web design?

Reenergize your rural hospital advertising and marketing content

With a great rural hospital marketing strategy, hospitals have an opportunity to guide patients in the right direction and provide actionable information that they can use to make decisions about healthcare services and providers.

What healthcare services can you highlight to help your community?

–       Physical therapy

–       Swing bed program

–       Hospital educational programs

–       Availability of wellness exams

With so many other responsibilities, it can be easy to forget that people in the area may simply not know about all of the important healthcare services available in your community. Your marketing program is a great opportunity for your rural hospital to connect with the community and raise awareness of important services.

Work on your rural hospital social media strategy

Are you providing great content on social media? Keep your rural hospital’s audience engaged with compelling content. Social media is a great platform for sharing information and raising awareness of healthcare services available in the local community.

A great rural social media program is no longer optional. Your social media presence is a key component of your online rural marketing program.

All of these components of a healthcare marketing program may seem overwhelming. Most rural hospitals can’t afford to hire a full-service marketing agency. That is why we developed Our membership-based service is like a rural hospital marketing agency in your pocket. Members have access to ready-to-use press releases, radio scripts, advertising, social media and discounts on services like rural hospital web design so they can implement their rural healthcare marketing strategies each month.

To learn more about our marketing program for rural hospitals and clinics, check out our website or call us at 1-800-411-7401 for a free consultation.