One question we often hear from our rural and small community hospitals is, “What do we post on our Facebook Page and other social media outlets?” You have likely wondered if you are responsible for your hospital and clinic’s marketing program.

The good news is that when it comes to social media marketing, content and ideas are abundant. You just have to think about it from your community’s perspective.

Social media involves more than just a platform for advertising. Using such media effectively means knowing what to post so that you can engage your audience and grow your presence online.

So, what kind of content should your hospital and clinics be posting online? Here are six ideas to help guide your content strategy in Q4 this year.

Health Awareness Programs

There are many important health awareness topics this fall and winter, including Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Diabetes Awareness Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, National Physical Therapy Month, and World Mental Health Day.

Leverage health awareness programs and initiatives like the above to create content for your social media outlets. Whether it is a tip, a fact, or a news story, share it!


Protect your community and drive people to your facility. The time is now to promote immunizations for the flu and COVID-19. Immunization clinics, partnerships with local businesses, advertising, and public relations material are some ideas to get you started.

Do not just stop there! Stay persistent in your messaging through the end of the year. After all, many significant health concerns, like the flu and COVID-19, are not going away soon.

Wellness Exams

The end of the year will be here before we know it, and we all know that wellness exams are an essential source of revenue for rural health clinics.

Because most insurance plans cover them once a year, now is the last chance to encourage people to schedule an exam before the new year!

Push the message of the importance of annual wellness exams and that it is generally a free benefit for most individuals with insurance or Medicare plans.

Diet and Nutrition

The last three months of the year will undoubtedly be a busy time for everyone. From Halloween and into the November and December holiday season, there are lots of reasons for everyone to push their diet and nutrition plans to the back burner.

Keep the importance of a healthy and balanced diet at the forefront of your messaging, starting with Halloween. A season heavily saturated with candy sales is a bad time for dental health and those with diabetes.

The upcoming holiday season can also be a challenge for diets with all sorts of heavy meals and rich desserts with which we are all tempted to indulge. Don’t let the holiday season sideline your community.

Create and keep an ongoing message about diet and nutrition. Whether it be sharing news stories often or a weekly series that showcases tips to stay on track – your community will thank you.

General Health News and Trends

Whether it be news about vaccine breakthroughs or general health and wellness tips, the Web is filled with all sorts of news stories and content worthy of sharing with your community.

Take a moment to search through major news outlets for health stories that may be relevant. The possibilities are endless.

Hospital News and Community Involvement

For the right reason, it is never a bad idea to toot your own horn. Did your hospital or facilities win an award lately? Has a team member had any life accomplishments they are comfortable sharing? Are there any significant employment anniversaries (5 years, 10 years, 20+ years)? Is your hospital participating in any community events or sponsoring something?

There is always something to celebrate. Find those gems and polish them into something newsworthy. After all, social media is nothing without the social factor – and your audience loves to see these types of posts.

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