We can all agree that websites are critical in today’s world, regardless of industry or business. For rural hospitals, websites are an essential tool to update stakeholders on the latest happenings at the hospital or healthcare system, important health updates pertinent to the community, and an explanation of service line offerings.

Knowing how essential websites are, when was the last time you took a moment to look at your hospital’s website? Unless you’re taking a break from the Web, your answer should be within the last week.

Ask a team member when they last visited your hospital’s website. If your employees have not been frequenting your site much, it might be time for an update!

If you and your team are not using your website, your customers are likely not either. There is no better time than now to make some revisions to your website to make it current.

Refresh the Old

Always view your website’s home page, like the hospital’s or clinic’s main entrance. You would not like the entrance of your business to remain unchanged for a year, would you? Checking for out-of-date content on your home page and replacing it with current happenings is the first step to cleaning up.

Service Line Updates

Think about the programs and services your hospital and clinics offer. Does your website appropriately showcase everything, if not most, of what is available in your community?

Each major department should have its own web page with information about the department and its capabilities. Mainly if new programs, services, or equipment upgrades have occurred recently.

Dynamic Content

Having dynamic content will help you expand the content on your website and keep visitors coming back. It will also help improve your page rank on search engines to help prospects find your website.

The key here is quality and scheduled updating. If you fail to update your blog or newsroom regularly, your website will appear dead, and traffic will begin to drop.

Showcase your expertise with insights into your industry through blogs and news feeds. You may even find yourself with an in-house journalist, interviewing your team members on their daily work in their department. This will make great content for both your employees and customers. As a bonus, this content is excellent for sharing on social media!

Responsive Design

Going mobile is one of the most significant changes a rural hospital can make regarding its website. Making sure your website is mobile-friendly may mean a complete redesign to ensure it is compatible with all the major web browsers and devices in the market. If you think it is time to discuss how your facility might benefit from an improved website, call SRJ at 214-528-5775. We can schedule a free consultation and provide you with an evaluation of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. After all, it is the virtual front door to you