Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your staff from all of us at SRJEasyHealthcare.com. We hope you all can enjoy the holidays with good cheer, good company, and good health.

The holidays are such a great time to reach out to your community and share the spirit of the season. You can show them how grateful you are for their patronage and at the same time, you can show how grateful you are to your staff by boosting their personal image within your community.

Creating a personal brand

You can think of your senior medical staff as the players on a premier sports team. While healthcare is always a team effort, but you want to highlight those “players” who can represent the human face of your hospital and who’s expertise establishes your hospital’s trust among the community you serve.

Give careful thought to the strengths of each of your caregivers. What makes them great at their work? Why do patients love them? What are their driving goals and passions? Create a marketing profile for everyone you want to promote.

Then, use these profiles, along with professional pictures to create marketing messages that build their reputation in your community. Show them as voices of authority on medical subjects important to your patients. By building them up, you build your hospital up, and you create a lasting bond between the community and your providers.

Personal holiday messages

The holidays are the perfect time to launch this kind of marketing effort. You can create a great holiday greeting for the community as a message from individual members of your senior medical staff. These can be used as advertisements, social media messages, emails, or direct mailers.

You want these messages to have a personal tone and to reflect the style and expertise of the staff member they are from. Of course, make sure the staff member is comfortable with the message. They don’t need to write it themselves, but it should be in keeping with what they would like to express to the local community during the holidays.

Keep them coming

While the holidays are a great time for this kind of messaging, keep your star providers in the spotlight. Use them as voices of expertise in public service announcements. Feature their images and names in your promotions. Build their brand and they will help build your hospital’s brand.