National Diabetes Month happens to share the month of November with the most famous feast celebration in the US, Thanksgiving. For people with diabetes, it can be a real challenge to navigate the holidays while keeping insulin levels in check.

Connecting your marketing efforts with what is on people’s minds is important for building trust. Speaking to the challenge of diabetes during this time can create a strong connection with your community.

Speak to the concerns

Let your marketing give voice to what is on people’s minds. You can start with a headline like this.

Is diabetes raining on your holiday parade?

Then describe the kinds of challenges facing people with diabetes during the holidays. For those with Diabetes, holiday feasts can be a source of anxiety. It can create hard choices between participation and risking their health. They may worry that their disease gets in the way of their family’s fun.

Offering solutions

After showing that you understand the difficulty people face, offer helpful advice and practical solutions. There are many articles on the subject you can pull advice from or which you could share if using social media. Just be sure to vet them as you only want to offer the best advice. Here are a few simple examples.

Spread out the feast

Instead of fasting and gorging, make thanksgiving an all-day affair. Provide many courses over a long afternoon and evening to avoid spiking or crashing blood sugar levels.

Choose savory over sweet

Focus on dishes with savory flavors. Dishes that are rich in protein or fiber help buffer the carbohydrates and sugars. Pair each course with a sweet option to a savory or high fiber option alongside it.

Lower carbohydrate recipes

There are tons of diabetic-friendly recipes for every holiday classic dish. Do some research and practice them ahead of the holidays. You are sure to find some that meet or beat your old recipes.

Remember to make sure that if you share a recipe directly that you have permission to do so. The list of ingredients isn’t covered by copyright but everything else in a recipe is including descriptions, images, and instructions.