If you are going to build your own marketing program, it’s essential that you do so efficiently. A key strategy for efficiency is to eliminate duplicated effort. By investing some extra time and effort upfront, creating and maintaining a marketing copy library can save you time and money down the road.

Start with good organization

Any good library should have materials that are easy to find and easy to understand. Start with a master document that describes how your library is organized. It should set standards for how you name your library files. It should also tell readers where the files are stored and how to access them correctly. Be consistent about maintaining this organization, and if you make changes, update your master document.

File names are important. It should be easy to know exactly what is in the file before you even open it. Be sure to include the date the file was last used. Storing files by publication date is not recommended. The idea is to re-use these documents so organize them by subject or purpose.

Create a brand bible

A brand bible is a document that details how your brand is to be represented to the public. It contains everything from official logos, official colors, formatting for your companies name, font choices, approved images of your facility and staff, preferred word choices, and so on. You should make sure to update and review this document periodically.

Make documents modular

Try to write marketing copy in self-contained paragraphs or groups of paragraphs. This way you can mix and match, grabbing a paragraph from one document and using it in another. Keep a separate file for your most commonly used paragraphs, phrases, and quotations.

Highlight variables

You will need to change some elements of a document each time it is published. Elements like dates for events, names of staff, web addresses, and the like should be highlighted in the library files. This way you can quickly see what must be changed. You don’t want any embarrassing mistakes.

Reuse and refine

The goal is to write once and use many times. That said, you don’t want to fall into the habit of doing so thoughtlessly. As time goes on you will find ways to improve your messaging. When proofreading copy for publication, look for places you can make small improvements to your copy. Through multiple uses, your marketing messages are going to get better and better.

The power of sharing

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