It seems like 2022 just began, yet here we are on the cusp of November. With just two months remaining, now is the time to determine how you will market and promote your hospital, clinics, and services in 2023.

Effective strategic planning is crucial to growing your hospital and clinics. Whenever I meet with a new prospective client, I am always asked how soon is too soon to begin planning for the New Year.

Ben Franklin once said, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” The most important thing is that you recognize that a strategic marketing communications plan is essential to a successful business – no matter the industry.

As we progress into November and December, I challenge you to consider the following five questions and their answers. They will help you put a strategic communications plan into perspective and lead you down a path of business success.

How did the hospital and clinic(s) perform over the past year?

Asking this simple question is a great starting point when planning for the upcoming year. Savvy administrators can usually tell me in an instant how their facilities are doing because they are constantly tracking performance.

When comparing your marketing communications programs to your sales, you should see a correlation between what tactics worked and what did not. This knowledge will help you assess how to plan for the coming year, what tactics to continue, and what you need to change.

What specific goals do I want to accomplish in 2023?

Whether it be patient count, the number of procedures, or anything else, goal setting is critical for your facilities. A great way to set a goal is to aim for a realistic figure.

For example, one might want to increase patient volume in 2023 by 20 percent. If that is realistic, then perfect! Put the goal in writing. Now that the top goal has been established, how will you achieve it?

Additional goals that can contribute to your success would be growing your social media presence, increasing website traffic, or having your clinic(s) gain a certain number of new patients.

How does this relate to marketing communications?

The answer to this question should be straightforward—a written strategic plan. A communications plan is critical to achieving your goals.

Your strategic plan should include tactics, timelines, and responsibilities to yourself and your team. Once created, you should reference it continuously throughout the year to remain focused and on track. Think of a written marketing plan as the roadmap to achieving your destination – or in this case, your goals.

How often should I monitor performance?

Every month, every week, every day! Depending on the tactics and goals you have outlined, monitoring your hospital’s performance may be essential. If something does not seem to be working, you may need to tweak your tactics or adjust your goals to something closer within reach.

The most important thing to remember is to monitor frequently. You do not want to end 2023 and realize that your program has flopped and you did not progress toward your goals – and bottom line.

When should I start planning for 2023?

Now is the perfect time to begin planning for the New Year. As our economy continues to change, planning for success has never been more critical.

Do not let a single day of 2023 be a missed opportunity! Give SRJ a call at 214-528-5755 for a free consultation on how a strategic marketing communications plan can help streamline your hospital’s marketing communications initiatives to use your resources better and help you achieve bottom-line profits.